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Fieldwork Travel Allowance

International Fieldwork Travel Allowance

The International Fieldwork Travel Allowance is available to support students who are engaging in international fieldwork placements during Fieldwork 2, Fieldwork 3, or Fieldwork 4. Each student participating in an international fieldwork placement will be given up to $1000 regardless of whether the placement is an exchange, student-initiated, or an International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation (ICDR) placement. Allowable expenses include airfare to and from the placement destination, accommodations while on placement (not including food) and preceptor fees if applicable, up to a maximum of $1000. The eligibility criteria for this international fieldwork travel allowance are as follows:

• The student must be approved by the International Fieldwork Coordinator to undertake this placement
• The student must submit the international fieldwork application, including reference letters.
• The student must meet all preparation requirements, e.g. attend the mandatory Safety Abroad meeting and any other mandatory meetings.
• The student’s fieldwork site must have a valid Placement Agreement with the University of Toronto

Please see Appendix J for the International Fieldwork Travel Allowance process.

Car Allowance

Students must complete a “Travel Allowance Request Form” (see Appendix I) to request a car allowance and submit this form to the Fieldwork Administrative Assistant at their respective campus for approval three weeks prior to the start of placement.

Once placement is completed, students must submit a log of Google Maps that shows calculation of daily mileage and/or parking receipts to the Fieldwork Administrator. Students will then complete a second form that will be given to them at that time. As part of this form, students must declare that they did not receive any funding from your fieldwork placement site for travel.

For extenuating financial circumstances, please contact the Director of Clinical Education. Also, please note, even if mileage calculation is more than the maximum allowance, students will not receive any extra payment than the maximum allowable amount.

Eligible mileage includes trips from home directly to client, from facility to client, from client to facility, and from client to client. Trips from home to facility or from client to home or facility to home are NOT eligible. Gas receipts are not to be submitted. Google Maps mileage is the only thing used to calculate amount of re-imbursement based on mileage. Original receipts for parking costs can be submitted.

Please note that Travel Allowance will be distributed after submission of all necessary receipts and completion of all forms. Reimbursement will not occur until several weeks after placement has ended due to cheque processing time.

Allowance process.

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